Sunday, October 11, 2009

First Advanced AI Mod Release in 5 Years Posted By: Mike at 8:23:00 PM

Over at C&C Labs, we have a special treat today for Zero Hour fans. For the first time in just over 5 years, we are proud to release a new version of the Advanced AI Mod for Zero Hour!

Over the past several months, r42 has been improving upon the original mod author's work. Today, we are pleased to officially announce his latest version, which can be downloaded from the mod's website.

For those unfamiliar with the mod, it improves the tactics used by computer players in Zero Hour. The mod was created to overcome the Zero Hour AI's predictability: after you've played enough skirmish matches, it becomes clear that the AI uses the same tactics, builds medicore bases, and often keeps too much cash in its banks for no particular reason. If you're a Zero Hour fan looking for more challenging skirmish games, then this mod is for you.

Full details are available at C&C Labs.

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