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Welcome to CNC Generals World
Right now I'm working on a brand new layout for Generals World. I've even enlisted some help from one of the webmasters of All I'll say about it right now is this: blue. Luckie is currently working on finishing up that
screensaver that I've been delaying on for the past month ;-). That's about all that's new here at CNC Generals World for now.
Latest Poll:
What do ya think about EAPs decision to not have an official ladder in Generals?
Note: I just realized the poll had an error and wasn't accepting any more votes. Problem fixed :).

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-- MicScoTho

 Video Translation
 Posted By: MicScoTho on Friday, September 06, 2002
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CNC Series has a translation for the "Physics Test" video that I uploaded yesterday. The video has German commentary, and Ghettoblaster has been kind enough to translate it for us. Head to CNC Series to read it.

 SAGE Engine Test Videos
 Posted By: MicScoTho on Thursday, September 05, 2002
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There's three new Generals videos out! They aren't of missions, but instead they test different SAGE engine effects. Check out our Video Downloads page for more information. The videos are called Physics Test, Big Fight, and Chain Reaction. You will need the DivX Codecs (use the DivX 5.0.2 Bundle download on that page) to watch these video.

 Generals Videos
 Posted By: MicScoTho on Wednesday, September 04, 2002
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Here they are folks! Freshly uploaded to our Video Downloads page... 6 new Generals videos! First of all, I would like to thank CNC Universe, who found most of the videos, and of course, where the videos are initially from. The newest videos are at the top of the list, and the bottom few have been previously released but i just got around to uploading them now. So now, without further ado, here are the videos:
  • Map Editor: In this movie, Harvard shows off the map editor.
  • Unknown Mission: This video has footage of an unknown USA mission, in which you must liberate a USA base.
  • Seige of Baghdad: This Seige of Baghdad video shows the first American mission in Generals. The hand-held camera shakes quite a bit at first, but its definitely awsome to watch.

    These videos where released within the last couple of weeks, from various sources:
  • Computer and Video Games Movie: Includes all the footage from the 13 GameSpot movies, in .mov format and in better quality.
  • Operation Blue Eagle: This large movie (95.1 MB!) shows the mission where the UN Negotiator is assasinated by the GLA. For people with fast internet connections, this is a great download.
  • White Knight: (66.5 MB) The White Knight mission video shows everything from GLA Rocket Buggies to American Crusader tanks and more. The video and sound are good quality.
  • Have fun downloading and watching the videos (especially you 56Kers out there ). I listed the file sizes for the two biggest files. For the file sizes of the other files, visit our Videos page.

     Coming soon...
     Posted By: MicScoTho on Tuesday, September 03, 2002
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    We've got lots of stuff for ya coming on up soon (some things sooner than others). I've been busy with school and other stuff, and we had a bit of technical troubles (PC virus), so that new layout is taking a bit longer than I expected. The screensaver is virtually done, but we're holdin that off until the new layout launches. Also, you can expect some new Generals movies to be available for download from our site tomorrow morning. You may have noticed news posts about them at other sites... there's a few new Generals videos out. Unfortunately, some of them are quite large, and I can only upload so fast, even with a cable connection. Since I'm really busy right now, I'll post the sites that found the videos once I've got them uploaded.
    Update: I'll have the videos up this afternoon. Two of them are still uploading, and I'm off to school right now. Generals Screenshots & Preview
     Posted By: MicScoTho on Sunday, September 01, 2002
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    Comments (0) (German) has both a new preview and new screenshots of Generals!

    Click here for the German version of the preview. An English translated version can be found here, thanks to Gamers Europe.

    All 24 of the screenshots and other pictures can be found on this page. Some are miscolored, some were taken with a digital camera, but nonetheless they are new images to feast your eyes on, so be sure to check em out!

    In addition to the preview and screenshots, they have released three *new* videos. They are all quite small, but show never before seen footage of the GLA Scud Storm superweapon fireing, the US attacking a GLA base, and the US attacking the Scud Storm. You can download those videos here, here, and here, respectively.

     Where's Harvard?
     Posted By: MicScoTho on Saturday, August 31, 2002
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    There has been a lot of speculation recently as to where Harvard Bonin is. Rumor has it that he has been traveling abroard, presenting Generals. I've received confirmation from one of the webmasters of that Harvard is currently in Germany at some kind of games convention, or at least he was yesterday. Generals-World's staff met with him, had an interview, played Generals, and took many screenshots (to be released in a few days). It is also known that Harvard will be traveling to England for a games convention there sometime soon as well.

     Community News Update
     Posted By: MicScoTho on Saturday, August 31, 2002
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    Here's the latest news from around the CNC Generals online community:
  • CNC Generals Nation has a new layout!  Black, orange, and gray.  Personally I like everything except the top banner, but that will just take a little getting used to I guess.  Anyway, head here to check it out.
  • Westwood Unleashed has a new wallpaper up, made by RcaMumba.  Here's a thumbnail:

    Click the image to view it's full version.
  • Jamie from WW-Unleashed has put together some information from the Official Generals Message Boards.

    Info on the Generals editor:
    The editor will be the same editor the dev teams uses. You will have all the power they have to create maps, ingame movies, and scripted missions.

    Will the editor be made by EA?
    The editor is a product of EA much like every game a developer produces under the name.

    Info on the beta:
    It's not going to be a "DEMO" it will be a "BETA."
    No eta as to when it will begin, that I can talk about just yet.

    Info on online play:
    It will be Game Spy only, no WOL. When I say Game Spy I mean it's the backend that powers matching.
    There will be no Game Spy arcade to use. It will feel just like RA2 and Yuri's revenge when you log in. GameSpy is just the networking stuff running behind the scenes. Does that make sense? There will be no GameSpy Arcade (a secondary program) to play Generals.

    Info on generals features:
    Generals will have full replay capabilities, save them until your heart is content.

  • There's your latest CNC Generals community news!

     Generals News Roundup
     Posted By: MicScoTho on Saturday, August 31, 2002
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    Over the past week or so there's been several inverview and new previews pertaining to CNC Generals. Here's the latest interviews:
  • Our German partner site, Generals-World, has had an interview with Harvard Bonin, co-executive producer of Generals. The interview is in German, but I'll see if I can get an English version to you sometime this weekend. In the meantime, you can use AltaVsita Translation here for a rough translation.
  • Doc from XRA2X has conducted an interview with Delphi regarding the use of GameSpy instead of WOL. Here's that inverview:
    Doc: Why has EAP decided to let GameSpy handle all the online games? I think about 50% of the people prefer WOL, and 50% prefer GameSpy to play Westwood's games online.
    Chris (Delphi): Question, if it's intergrated into the game, what's the difference? Game Spy is far better equipped to handle this traffic with staff and 24 hrs a day monitoring. Trust me! With the code improvements and Beta Generals will be rocks solid by ship. =)
    If they integrate it into the game, I guess it makes sense to me. I would still rather have EAP make their own awsome online multiplayer matching system, but that would only further delay the game's release.
  • On this thread in the Official Generals Message Boards, Chris mentioned this about a replay feature in Generals:
    Delphi-EA: Generals will have full replay capabilities, save them until your heart is content.
    Japorms: Whoa awesome, Generals seems to be getting all the features absent in other cnc games. cool
    Delphi-EA: Features that will be carried over to all C&C games to come
    Sounds like a neat little feature to me!
  • Slavik of Planet CNC conducted a large interview with Mark Skaggs. Here's part of that interview:
    Q: In the video made in Germany, 'Generals Online' was mentioned. Is this a new matchmaking service?
    A: It's a new online component, but, it's something we are going to talk about later. There are still some things we need to get together and collaborate on before we can talk about it.
    Head here to read the rest.
  • And yet another interview: this time conducted by Boom? of CNCNZ.
    Boom?: C&C Generals looks great from the screen shots, but it lack one thing, the menu, do you plan to reveal this meun before the release date?
    Delphi: Yes, in future shots. =)
    Boom?: Are you going to make sure the Generals Forum doesn't spam up like Renegade and Red Alert 2 one's did? Or its going to be over taken by Havoc wanna be's?
    Delphi: We'll do what we can to make sure it's a clean place. =)
  • One final interview with Chris, this time once again on the Official Generals Message Boards. Read this thread to see the 12 questions.

  • And now for links to all the latest previews. Only one of them has any new info for the Generals fanatic, but if you're relatively new in the CNC Generals Universe, then they're all worth a good read.
  • UGO has a Generals preview. This is the preview that actually has some new info, so be sure to read it here.
  • Gamers Europe has a new CNC Generals preview here.
  • Computer and Video Games has a short article, plus a video (with no new footage) here.
  • Phewf, that was a long post. That's it for Generals news for now... a Community News post is comming up shortly.

     Generals Test Run
     Posted By: MicScoTho on Friday, August 30, 2002
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    Some of the staff over at, our German partner site, were lucky enough to be able to play the alpha version of Generals over in Germany with Harvard Bonin. They've posted quite a bit on their site, for those who speak German. Right now they are still at the convention, but when they get home they will be releasing many screenshots ... stay tuned for that in a few days. I'll have em posted right away once they're released.

     CNC Bunker
     Posted By: MicScoTho on Tuesday, August 27, 2002
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    CNC Matrix is now CNC Bunker! Sipas from Generals Bunker has added a new site to the Bunker Network... CNC Bunker! They have a great layout and all of the awsome content from CNC Matrix. Be sure to check em out!

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    What do ya think about EAPs decision to not have an official ladder in Generals?
    Ladders run by fans will be great!
    Hopefully it will get rid of some of the cheaters
    I hate the idea! They should have an improved version of the RA2 ladder!
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